Get a good flight's sleep with !

  • Supports your head and neck, keeping you upright in the seat, not slumped over the aisle
  • Soft, cushioned fibre pillow, rather than hard, air-filled plastic
  • Easy access to leave your seat and return to a comfortable sleep
  • Adjustable height to fit your requirements
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Jetsleeper® is a uniquely designed travel pillow that is brand new to Australia and New Zealand. Designed specifically for long-haul flights, it also works on coach seats, in trains and even on car seats so you can get a decent sleep however you are travelling.


It’s a self expanding,soft, fibre filled, cotton pillow that provides support and comfort to aid sleep in a way never seen before. When you’re ready to sleep, Jetsleeper® unfolds into an easy to use sequence of hook, pillow and strap that you will hardly realise is there. The Velcro strap provides adjustment and quick release allowing you to easily leave your seat without disturbing the positioning of the pillow or those around you.


Jetsleeper® also allows you to sleep upright – which is fundamental to getting a good flight sleep in economy class. The Jetsleeper® pillow can be used on either side of your head and provides stability and comfort for your entire journey.


Each Jetsleeper® pillow comes with two hooks, a wider and a slim-line version to handle different style airplane seats, the velcro strap that slides easily around your armrest and a pocket-size zipped pouch that enables it to fit easily into your travel on luggage.


Jetsleeper® is available in Valentine Red or Sky Blue.

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